Trustee & Responsible Entity Services

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Trustee Services

Vasco Investment provide trust services to Investment managers targeting wholesale and institutional clients. We assist in the establishment of the fund and trust deed, enter into Investment management agreement and agreement with service providers and approve and issue the information memorandum.

Responsible Entity Services

As responsible entity our responsibilities include registration of funds and registration of compliance plan, approval of funds, appointment of service provider, monitoring of management of the funds in accordance with the company objectives and fulfilment of regulatory and legislative requirements.

Wholesale Fund Custodial Services

As Trustee, we act as incidental custodian including opening and managing the Fund bank account and holding title to Fund assets.

Corporate Trust Services

Vasco Investment provides trustee services to corporations and financial institutions seeking to establish and/or manage an investment scheme.

Managed Investment Trust Services

Vasco Investment provides managed investment trust services for international investors without an established presence in Australia.

Compliance and Risk Management

Vasco Investment can arrange for the appointment of responsible managers and compliance personnel and assist with all licencing and compliance matters.